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Mon Sep 22 17:38:31 2014 [Jaakan]
The Icon quest has been made a little easier by the addition of a
magic tally sheet which shows which ones you've collected and from where.
It's fairly easy to find. Look for the snow tree.

Wed Jul 9 23:13:37 2014 [Martyn]
Starting from today, all 7DOF bank accounts will recieve a daily interest
payment of 3% for any player that actually logs in during that time
period. If you're on the game at the time, it will tell you the amount
of interest and your new balance.

Tue Jul 8 21:19:02 2014 [Jaakan]
A new stats command, QCOMPARE has been added for you to measure each
other's performance.

Mon Jul 7 18:12:43 2014 [Jaakan]
Along with the new BOUNTY and BOUNTYLIST verbs another command has
been added, AUTOBOUNTY. If you only want to see offers above 5000
gold, for example you would type AUTOBOUNTY 5000. Enjoy.

Sat Jul 5 23:09:48 2014 [Jaakan]
A bounty system has now been added. Currently any immortal can offer a
sum of money for the death of a mobile. 7DOF will also automatically
offer bounties periodically. Have fun.
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