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Now in our thirteenth year!

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Thu Feb 13 16:36:25 2014 [Martyn]
Two new quests by Aso have been added, Adept and Nexus. Various bug fixes have
also gone live. Have fun!

Mon Feb 10 22:07:03 2014 [Jaakan]
In recognition of hard work by both, Kamura has been elevated to
Avatar, and Athagos to Demigod. Jaakan has also promoted himself to
god, on the basis that no-one else will do it ;)

Fri Jan 31 18:59:42 2014 [Jaakan]
The long-awaited Hercules quest has been released today, and a new pit has
been placed in the moors near Camelot. Various bug fixes have gone live
today also. Have fun!

Fri Jan 17 07:20:23 2014 [Kamura]
We have a new website! Check it out and feel free to post any comments and/or suggestions on our Facebook page.

Mon Jan 13 15:02:00 2014 [Jaakan]
A new competition will start February 1st, again we will be measuring score
gained, but this time there will be higher value objects placed around the
mud for people to find and pit, giving a bit more variety to gameplay.
The competition will run through to the 15th.
As usual, powers are welcome to run to prove how much better they are, but
they won't be claiming any prizes. Prizes still to be decided but will be
for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
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