Welcome to Seven Degrees of Freedom
Now in our fifteenth year!

Latest news
Wed Feb 3 19:16:21 2016 [Jaakan]
A new quest reward system has been implemented. See HELP QREWARD.

Mon Jun 1 23:53:13 2015 [Martyn]
The raider quest by Aardvark has been added. It is intended as an easy quest
for newer players. You can find it attached to the new village area.

Wed May 27 13:14:25 2015 [Jaakan]
Further new content added
- More achievements
- Revamp of several areas
- More intelligent use of spells by mobiles

Mon Apr 6 22:01:55 2015 [Martyn]
New content alert!
-A small expansion to Orchold zone
-The new Viking zone
-The new Backdraft zone and market area
-Temporary Title Changes for certain events
-upgraded BUTCHER command
-A way to teleport to Gold Coast zone and back
-upgrade to spell casting messages
-HELP files updates


Sat Jan 31 12:44:15 2015 [Jaakan]
We're pleased to welcome EojRepus to the powers team, for his commitment
to current and future projects.
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